Changes – How good are they?

Before initiating the blog, there is something I would like to say. I am registered on various blog sites but haven’t ever written one myself, till today. My friends claim that I am a good listener and observe things very well, may be that is why I preferred reading and commenting than writing myself. Whatever the reason may be, there were friends and people who always believed that I should write blogs or even books for that matter, so today I extend my gratitude towards all those lovely people in my life who acknowledge my views, encourage me, have faith in me and tolerate me however I am in a given moment. This blog post is dedicated to all of them and every single person who is a part of my life and thought I could write something that was worth reading. 🙂

As humans, changes are not easily acceptable by us but that doesn’t mean we don’t get used to them because the fact lies that life itself is dynamic and it can never remain stagnant; just like “time” which goes on and on without any pause or a break. In today’s world, changes take place in micro seconds. Be it technology, humans, habits, choices, lifestyle, behavior, emotions or relations; everything changes before the blink of an eye. Today we greet our brothers/sisters or cousins via Social Networks, we use Google talk and Skype to have a conversation with our own siblings sitting in the next room, we want to own the latest and high-end Smartphones as it enhances our status and also helps us to get glued to Social Networking all day long. I don’t intend to blame the modern technology, in fact I myself love it as it has numerous positive points as well. Technology is never bad but the way it is being used matters. It should be a tool that helps you in your daily life and not “life” itself.  School kids are handed expensive mobile phones, i-pads, play stations, x-box etc when they should be exploring about nature, interacting with kids of their ages, playing under the open sky and taking lessons of life from mother nature.  I believe, you can’t create values or good human beings if you just restrict a person to bookish knowledge which is used merely to “pass” examinations and get degrees. Education without values has no meaning, it should be something that enlightens your inner soul, and not just for earning you a heavy pay cheque!

I still am trying to get accustomed to these new changes that take place everyday, but I still find myself the same person that I was even a decade ago. I love buying and reading books, oh the smell of the new books! During summers, I like to go to the roof and gaze at the clear night sky to explore the stars and I actually have witnessed many mysterious and beautiful objects :).  I love to watch the droplets of rain and dew on leaves and on the grass, love to see different cloud formations, how the nature changes its green shade when it gets poured down by the rain. For me a hand-written letter is a prized possession, I think every one of us would love to receive hand-written letters as they have the personal touch of your loved ones.

There are certain things in life that never change for anyone of us, Disney’s Mickey and Minnie mouse, Donald duck, Goofy or MGM’s Tom and Jerry etc will always be the most loved cartoons for me :). E-books will never replace the original books neither the romance of hand-written letters will die at the hands of e-mails. Somethings will always be irreplaceable like sharing your grievances with your mom, laying on her lap and crying without worrying. That is why “antiques” are named so and they are always expensive, exclusive and very special. 🙂

Changes are meant to happen, some will be under our control and rest will take place on their own but it is very important that when we go through changes, we should make sure that it is balanced, as too much of anything is harmful. We should never let go off our original self and should imbibe the positives from everything. I think that will somehow lead us to more productive changes. 🙂